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What if rain is in the forecast?

Often, my shoots take place in the mountains... which means weather can get tricky. My approach is to roll with whatever Mother Nature brings our way, as long as I feel confident that I can deliver you the best photos with the weather we've been given. If I feel the weather would negatively impact your experience & finished gallery we will reschedule the shoot. 

Do you share sneak peeks? 

Yes! I try to always share sneaks from my shoots within a few days of the session. You can usually find them on my social media accounts, but I do also like to send them to you directly. Disclaimer, the edits I've done in the sneaks won't necessarily be the final edit on the finished gallery - these tend to shift as I work through the images & really dial in the palette for your specific gallery. 

Also, I do not share sneaks on social media from sessions that are out of my standard offerings as these are usually done for repeat clients.

Do you shoot big, traditional weddings?

I absolutely LOVE when I get the opportunity to shoot a more traditional, bigger wedding! But because of my current workload, I am only able to take on a few of these per year. I really strive to give my clients the best possible experience and in order for me to do that, I need to limit the numbers of weddings I take on. 

Do you shoot extended family sessions? 

No, I do not shoot extended family sessions.

Do you do traditional posing with newborns?

No, I do not. All of my newborn sessions are 'lifestyle' photography, which means I do what I like to call "light posing" but really I capture your family just the way you are. 

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Can I bring my dog to our shoot? 

Absolutely YES. Always. 

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